Letter to founders

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Dear founders,

We get it. That unique feeling of building something from the ground up. All of the white space and opportunity that comes with that. The sweet victory of hiring your first employee and onboarding your first paying customer. But also the crushing blows of customer churn, performance management, and the roller coaster of emotions that is finding PMF and GTM-Fit.

Building an iconic company is never easy. It's never straightforward. And it's certainly not what shows up in TechCrunch.

We get it. And that's why we're not just a check and a good-times supporter; we aim to be a true partner. We don't run away at the first sign of trouble - we try to advise and support however we can. We also pledge to be 100% real. If we don't agree with your strategy and are concerned things are not headed in a good direction, we'll tell you so. Afterward, we'll respect whatever decisions you make - it's your company and you are best positioned to run it.

When we invest, we go all in on your vision and desire to go big. As early stage investors, our job is not managing downside risk, but instead doing everything in our power to accelerate your ability to create a big, iconic business. We will never encourage you to take the "safe" route that guarantees a 5-10x outcome at the expense of risking the 100x vision.

We are not perfect. In fact, we guarantee we'll make mistakes. But at least you know our intentions, and our commitment to you. Like every other relationship, founder<>investor relationships get built over time, and we can't wait to get started.

Let's do something big together.

Amir, Kat, and Rapha.